Friday, 21 September 2007


A sunny sunday afternoon stroll around Watson's Bay. I like that you can see the reflections of both the Lighthouse and my camera in my sunnies. it's like a cubist photograph.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

downtown osaka...

today we (victoria and i) braved the big wide world of osaka. people really love to shop in japan! they are just constantly consuming - every second store is retail and the spaces in between are restaurants. so much food for such thin people! and its extremely cheap food too. and the cool air conditioned shops are really attractive when the alternative is searing heat on the streets.

There are loads of fun alleyways around the place and pretty lanterns everywhere. everything is totally artificial of course, nothing is real or genuine, but this is a completely post modern city we are talking about here! baudrillard eat your heart out! simulation abounds in this place - although as baudrillard argues, the copy has no original - so this authentic traditional japanese aesthetic is as real as its going to get!

Shinsaibashi is totally insane and like a suburb that is totally inside, but not underground...its hard to explain - its hectic!

This is probably the coolest/saddest thing i saw all day - a japanese pet store. there are so many bonsai pets in tiny cages - i have never seen so many pets, even at a pound back home. they are all so tiny and so sad. please love me they say, take me home!!

what a weird and wonderful place...

this is GRAPE tea!!

its so hot outside (35 degrees) and my hotel room is so airconditioned...

so this is my new favourite drink - Grape tea!

Its sweet like grape but tart like ice tea. perfect.

lost in translation

this is me in my hotel room in osaka. i finally made it here on what felt like an eternity of cramped travel despite the extreme speed at which i was hurtling through space.
i will sleep well tonight!
hopefully i will be able to post some far more exciting holiday snaps once i have the energy tomorrow!
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