Thursday, 11 December 2008


I just finished devouring the Twilight Saga. Can't say it was the best written stuff I've ever read but boy did i fall hook line and sinker for that love story. Well, for Edward Cullen, vampire extraordinaire, in particular.


Sure, I declare myself as an independant feminist but I can't deny that a character such as Edward, with devastatingly handsome looks, intelligence, manners, stacks of cash and most importantly his overwhelming devotion to his love and family and morals didn't have me all starry eyed. dammit. I must be a hopeless romantic at heart... or hopeless dreamer in any case. I don't think his type really exist. (well I'm not certain about the vampire part, I could believe that part, but the rest is just all too good to be true.)

The writing was a cliche and repetitive and predicatable, but hey, it's blockbuster young adult fiction not a booker prize nomination. I was disappointed with how the ending played out. I felt a little flat after I had finished the final book. But what comes up must come down and I was HIGH AS A KITE whilst reading those books. Weeping. Frequently. Laughing like a school girl. Jumping with glee. Embarrassingly so. I haven't been that obsessed over something for a long time. Regardless of it's faults, the series certainly managed to light a fire within me that I hadn;t felt in a long time.

I didn't sleep for 4 days in order to finish them off as soon as possible. (Vampires never sleep though so I can hardly complain.)

Not sure how I feel about the movie. Not sure about whether it will live up to my imagination. But I'm seeing it this Saturday anyway. I'll let you know!
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