Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I have a lot to do on my To Do list today. Mainly because I am made of equal parts procrastination, lazy and sloth. It's hard to be me I tell you. Basically, I haven't made my bed and now I have to lie in it...actually that sounds rather managable. It's waaaay worse than snoozing in an unmade bed.

But while I go do all that needs to be done I'll be listening to Go, the debut solo album from jónsi of sigur rós.
Tom and I want to marry jónsi and have millions of his musically talented babies. No, make that squillions.

They'll be cute and blonde like this lil Icelandic princess and have extraordinarily long fingers for playing the guitar like a violin and sing like Scandinavian elves, fairies and sprites.

I always get a little emotional at sigur rós concerts and hot happy tears stream down my cheeks and my heart feels like it's going to burst right out of my chest. We like to play their albums in the car, really freakin loud, and sing along loudly, even though we don't understand the words. (They're mostly in icelandic, or some language Jonsi made up.) We'd get married if they'd accompany us musically as we walked down the aisle, but unfortunately we can't afford to hire them, so we've called the whole wedding off. I'd also like them to accompany me musically to the otherside, but I don't think having sigur ros play at your funeral is covered in any of those funeral insurance plans advertised on daytime tv....

You can listen to the new album Go before it hits the stores in a few days time over at NPR.

Here are a few of my favourite tracks from the new album too...

UPDATE! I have made the bed. It's a start, right?!

Friday, 26 March 2010


Into Shape!
Shape Up!
It's Not Too Late!

Sorry to put Devo in your head but I do like appropriating tunes to match whatever I'm doing. And lately I've been making stuff! Hooray for making stuff! And since I no longer work in an office where Management requires a weekly hour long Work In Progress meeting where I have to detail every single project I've been working on, leaving less time for actual work on said projects, I've felt a WIP meeting gap in my life. Perhaps I need some KPIs. Then I'll need to see some ROI for my efforts at those KPIs. I'll action this immediately and get back to you all by COB today okay?!

So here is my WIP report. Feel free to judge, provide constructive criticism, feedback or tell me to work harder, faster, better, whatever. Just do it condescendingly so I get that old office hierarchy feeling flooding back!

WIP #1 is inspired by soft lil yellow ducklings and fluffy grey kittens. Well, actually those thoughts came to me well after I chose the wool plucked from my mother and her mother's stash. But it's a nice thought, isn't it?

This little WIP is destined to be a cozy neck warmer/cowl. Double sided, lemon and grey, knitted up in a moss stitch using two different sized sets of needles. I even learnt how to knit button holes for this project, which is quite frankly an amazing feat of learning on my behalf, from a book no less. Yes that's right, I followed instructions from a book. I can't even follow a recipe without thinking I know better. Very proud of my humble restraint and will to learn here! Although, foolishly I knitted button holes for buttons which I don't actually have yet, so now I'll have to find some that not only match my colour scheme but also fit the holes!

WIP #2 is supposed to be bright, cheery and fun. A burst of sunshiney goodness and floral frippery in the form of a crocheted pin cushion. I'm not sure if that's just too much to ask of a crocheted flower or just too much to ask of my crocheting skills. Luckily it's just a practice run for the Pin Cushion swap over at Foxs Lane because it's really not doing it for me. I think I'm going to have to get all Blondie on this one and rip it to shreds.

WIP #3 is not really a WIP anymore, but I'm going to share it anyway. I SEWED! I haven't sewn anything on a machine for years. I never really made friends with my sewing machine in the past. We'd fall out over silly things like broken needles, forgetting how to thread a bobbin, snapping cotton thread or slipping stitches. Plus with an expert sewer for a mum, it was always easier to put in an order rather than make something myself. Lazy, I know. But I decided that this is the year to move on from whatever trials we'd experienced in the past and learn to be a better, more understanding, caring friend to my machine. Listen to it. Hang out. Have cups of tea together, maybe a chocolate biscuit or three.

So I ordered Mum to hand it over (do you still stash stuff at your parents house even though you're grown up and own your own home? nah, me neither.) dusted it off and enlisted the help of a kind and patient real life friend, Alex, to help me re-learn some basics and whip up a simple tote bag, even though I didn't have a pattern or a clue.

Alex was super helpful and encouraging and we had whipped up a tote in (almost) no time! I was 99% of the way through, racing towards the finish line when a horrible groan escaped from my machine. Actually it was more of a frustrated growl, which I promptly matched with my own frustrated growl. We'd had a few hiccups along the way, but nothing that a timeout and a rethread hadn't magically fixed. But this time my machine decided enough was enough and officially carked it.

So I marched back to Mums and she kindly applied the finishing touches on her machine. She also told me not to tell you that she helped me like that, that I should take all the credit for my efforts and sewing success. She's nice like that.

Now that I have conquered a simple tote bag I'm thinking my next project should be something like a three piece suit. You know, to look smart and professional for our next WIP meeting. Well, once my machine is back up and running of course. Whaddaya think huh!?!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

judging books by their covers

The other day in St Vinnies I picked up a delightfully illustrated paperback. I must admit, I was judging the book by its cover, and the score was high.

It was this book here:

It was only $7 and I was about to purchase it when my brother informed me that he'd actually bought that book for Dad, for Christmas, with a similar cover, although not as nice, but I could just save my money and read that copy instead. And that the book wasn't that amazing after all. So I placed it back on the shelf.

But now that I've seen this delicious image on Design is Mine -

and followed the link to the artist's website - Chris Silas Neal - and found out that he is the artist behind the illustrations I held in my hand, plus many, many more lovely others such as these....

...I wish I hadn't listened to my brother after all. What do you think? Should I have purchased the book?!

Do you like to judge a book by its cover too? What are you reading right now?

P.S For your Information: Wildbirds & Peacedrums is a Swedish band, and I think I like 'em! Well, from the 30 seconds of preview itunes gives you...purchasing now!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

fringes, cringes and binges, oh my!

I was tagged by the artful, brilliant and consummate Evie of Handmade Romance for a Kreative Blog Award. To play along I have to share 7 things about me then pass the award along to 7 others.

Evie truly is the ABC's of awesome - check out her 7 things here or oooh and aaah at all the sweet vintage doll finds she's been posting lately.

Ever since I could sit, I've sat like this: right leg folded, left leg outstretched.
I still do it, even in office chairs.


No-one ever believes that we have the same parents, but, it is true.
We have matching recurring pimple spots, share a fresh banana fear, proficiency in English and are equally incompetent at Maths.


P.S This is NOT a phase either.

I chronically cut my fringe and regret it, grow it out for a few years and then repeat the process...
...Meaning I am due for a haircut and another holiday to Japan! It's been almost 3 years!



Thanks to Evie for passing on this award!

I am passing this Kreative Blog award along to...
The Textured LeafRegenerate, Foxs Lane, Brown Hair Blue Ribbon, One Day, Oh the Places You Will Go and The Craft Revival

Also - regarding my giveaway - thanks to everyone who entered! I'll be emailing the winners shortly, I promise!

Friday, 19 March 2010

a kaleidoscope of good times

a kaleidoscope of good times

This is me. In a giant, life sized, walk in kaleidoscope made by the Scandinavian artist Olafur Eliasson. His exhibition at the MCA - Take Your Time - is amazing. You must go see it!

At first I thought this picture was kind of depressing, what with all the dark, gloomy spaces. But upon further reflection I decided it was quite appropriate really, sometimes life just feels so dark and gloomy, why not wallow a little? My recent dark and gloomy moments include trying to teach a 7 month old baby about bedtime - a 3 hour screaming battle of wills ensued, which I lost, and promptly spent the next 2 hours sobbing and feeling like an utter failure; getting a painful UTI and a head cold and running into my past at a book store, plunging me into all sorts of shame induced from not paying more attention to my appearance and an irrational inability to move on from painful emotional periods in my life.
Botheration. Fiddle sticks. Cuss that I say!

But you know, when the dog bites, when the bee stings. When you're feeling sad...
Simply remember your favourite things and then you won't feeeeeeeel so baaaaaaaad. 

So here are a few far more colourful, bright and shiny, happier moments dancing about in the kaleidoscope of my life right now. It's not all dark and gloomy.

It's important to remember the good times!

lovely big old tree 
Like sunshine and grand old trees. This park at the top of our street is where both my dad and my nana used to play as children and you can see both the harbour and Bondi from there. No wonder it's called Bellevue Park!

tom and sara 

Cheeky cuddles and sun kissed cheeks.

who are 
these people...

The view from our picnic blanket. Focussing on the pretty white yachts, not the lucky bastards rich enough to own and sail them.

Picnic dinners instead of TV dinners!

alex at crafternoon
Super lovely friends like Alex with lovely roses to cheer me up and relaxing crafternoons.

Beers with my favourite (and only) brother. The dark brown one tasted just like chocolate. For reals!

And a first glimpse of autumn, my favourite season!

I do hope you've had some colourful, happy moments lately to take your mind off any dark and gloomy ones. Viva la sunny side!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Swaptastic adventures in the craftmosphere

Is it crazy to spend 20 minutes sewing tiny pieces of felt onto wool in order to create one length of present sized celebratory gift wrapping ribbon bunting?

Not if you have a cat, it isn't.

But this bunting was destined for greater things than Montalbano's amusement. Celebrating my very first swap, this bunting adorned my screen printed Dolly Parton tea towels in the Wash The Dishes, Dry The Dishes swap hosted by Sooz.

How much fun are swaps? SO MUCH FUN! Whilst it was rather nerve wracking sending something I had made out into the craftmosphere, fear of disappointing people with my design and lack of screen printing skills was overcome by the excitement of finally finishing a project I had started (with the usual good intentions/grand delusions) back in 2008. Thank you so much Sooz for hosting this swap! Yay for finishing a project! Yay for my mum helping me finish said project by hemming the cotton! Yay for handmade gifts! Yay for awesome tea towels!

Here's what I made:

I'll be sure to post images of all the amazing tea towels I receive in exchange for mine when the postman finally delivers them all. If I'm not too busy in the kitchen that is, drying things. Then wetting things so I can dry them again. With my awesome tea towels. GLEE!

Since my first swap was so much fun - I'm entering another. This time it's hosted by Kate from Foxs Lane. Can I just take a moment to gush about Kate? She's so cussing cool. I want to be her when I "grow up", or if I was Single White Female inclined, steal her gorgeous family, eat all her organically grown vegetables and delight in her craftiness. But lucky for her I'm far too lazy to embark on such a mission. 

Kate is organising a pin cushion swap - you have until Monday morning to enter so if you're up for it - go forth and enter now!

Also - if you haven't already commented, don't forget that you have 6 more days to enter my 100th Blog Post Celebratory Giveaway!

Friday, 12 March 2010

GIVEAWAY - 100th Post Celebration!

I've been blogging here at In the Light of the Sun since 2007 and I just realised the other week that a milestone was approaching faster than a speeding turtle - my 100th blog post! You wouldn't exactly call me prolific now, would you?

You could describe me as a slow release vitamin. You know, releasing the goodness slowly in little increments over time, rather than in one fell swoop. Or like moss, slowly, softly, creeping over cobblestones. Maybe you'd just call me lazy. Personally, I couldn't agree more.

Consistency aside, I have persevered and more importantly - so have you! So whether you've just joined me over here on the sunny side or you've been around for 3 years worth of ups and downs, highs and lows, yays and nays, happys days, rainy days, triumphant hoorays, day dreams and adventures - I want to say thanks to you. Thank you!

Thanks for all your kind words. I started blogging here because I love to write, I love to take photographs, I love to make things and it seemed like the perfect place to merge my loves, motivating me to keep on doing the things I love to do. I never would have imagined that what I expected to be a solitary adventure could turn into so many encouraging words, so many thoughtful, comforting well wishes and so many beautiful friendships. How kind and wonderful you all are, dear readers!

To celebrate this milestone I'd like to thank you ALL with a little giveaway. But realistically all I can offer is three little parcels of thanks. Sorry. Up for grabs is one of my mini holga prints framed and ready to add a splash of sunshine, warmth or breath of fresh air to your home.

There are five prints to choose from. Just leave a comment below with your preferred print and an email that I can contact you on for postal details. The "winners" will be drawn randomly. I'll draw this lil giveaway on Friday 19th March. Thanks again and good luck!

UPDATE - On seconds thoughts, if my prints aren't to your taste THAT'S OKAY! You can just say congrats, or pat yourself on the back for making it so far down the page.

Friday, 5 March 2010

up with the birds


I've sucessfully lasted three whole weeks at my new job - favourite aunty/nanny extraordinaire. It's been exhausting learning how to manage, entertain, feed, bath, play, assist with sleep, encourage crawling and sympathise as teeth pop through but I think I'm getting the hang of it*. The hardest part is getting up so early in the morning! I am NOT a morning person by nature and no matter how early I try to go to bed I usually just lie there tossing and turning, yelling at myself to get some sleep.

But the plus side of my early morning starts is that I get to see the sunrise over Sydney Harbour as I catch the ferry to Manly. What a way to travel! I feel like I am adventuring on the high seas or in some 19th century classic romance novel that I probably wouldn't actually enjoy reading but it feels good to imagine all the same.

Sometimes the weather is a little gloomy....

But mostly I just feel happy to be alive.

*I've started having power naps when my little man goes down for sleeps. Works wonders! Win win situation. Getting paid to nap has to be my dream job!
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