Friday, 12 March 2010

GIVEAWAY - 100th Post Celebration!

I've been blogging here at In the Light of the Sun since 2007 and I just realised the other week that a milestone was approaching faster than a speeding turtle - my 100th blog post! You wouldn't exactly call me prolific now, would you?

You could describe me as a slow release vitamin. You know, releasing the goodness slowly in little increments over time, rather than in one fell swoop. Or like moss, slowly, softly, creeping over cobblestones. Maybe you'd just call me lazy. Personally, I couldn't agree more.

Consistency aside, I have persevered and more importantly - so have you! So whether you've just joined me over here on the sunny side or you've been around for 3 years worth of ups and downs, highs and lows, yays and nays, happys days, rainy days, triumphant hoorays, day dreams and adventures - I want to say thanks to you. Thank you!

Thanks for all your kind words. I started blogging here because I love to write, I love to take photographs, I love to make things and it seemed like the perfect place to merge my loves, motivating me to keep on doing the things I love to do. I never would have imagined that what I expected to be a solitary adventure could turn into so many encouraging words, so many thoughtful, comforting well wishes and so many beautiful friendships. How kind and wonderful you all are, dear readers!

To celebrate this milestone I'd like to thank you ALL with a little giveaway. But realistically all I can offer is three little parcels of thanks. Sorry. Up for grabs is one of my mini holga prints framed and ready to add a splash of sunshine, warmth or breath of fresh air to your home.

There are five prints to choose from. Just leave a comment below with your preferred print and an email that I can contact you on for postal details. The "winners" will be drawn randomly. I'll draw this lil giveaway on Friday 19th March. Thanks again and good luck!

UPDATE - On seconds thoughts, if my prints aren't to your taste THAT'S OKAY! You can just say congrats, or pat yourself on the back for making it so far down the page.


rubyandjoy said...

OOH!!! the one with the red flowers! NO! the one with hahaha! oh I love them all! so pretty... :) x

Alfalky said...

OOOOH! pick me! pick me!!

I love the pretty sunshiney pink bouganvillea one.


p.s COngratulations on your 100th! v. xcting!

Alfalky said...

did i mention. The photos of the photos are FABULOUS. So many good vibes..

Anonymous said...

Oh great pictures!

My fav is 'in this light,' I think. It is hard to pick.

But mostly congrats on your blog. You have a lovely warm creative spot over here, thank you for sharing it with us!

:) xo V

Anonymous said...

Your 100th & I'm just joining you in the light of the sun!
I love all of your photos! HA HA HA is my favourite though!
: )
Saying no to fat quarters!
hee hee hee

Cactus said...

Congrats! I hope to get to 100 posts one day too.

I love the one with the red flowers is gorgeous ... reminds me of cherry blossom time in Japan.


Claire said...

I like the flowers! So beautiful!

sonieee said...

How gorgeous! I definitely like "Look Up" the best, its so pretty. Would look perfect in my bedroom ;)

Hayley said...

"Look up" is my fave! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, lovey loveliness.
The pinky red flowers are the most gorgeous for me.

erika said...

Congrats on reaching 100 posts!


Anonymous said...

Congratualtions on your posts!I love the one of Bondi Icebergs as I spent so much time growing up there (my dad is still a member ) it captures the essence of what I love most about Bondi the turquoise water and the brilliant bright Australian sunshine

Michael said...

Bondi Icebergs please! Gives me nostalgia of great times passed:

manda said...

Hello! Im new to your blog but I am enjoying your sunshine :-) Look up is my favourite. Manda

Heather said...

I adore the 'Look Up' red flowers print! It's fantastic!

the textured leaf said...

Its hard to pick, Sara.
Ill go for the Ha Ha Ha though cos that will remind me of how I met you. (The funny post about yourself if I forgot to mention it before.)

Wendy x

dave said...

Hi Sara. I like your blog, and like the family pictures from the post at the bottom of the page. :)
Have a good day.
hugs, dave xx

Sally said...

Congratulations shiny and bright centurian!

I'm LOVING Ha Ha Ha! Too good.

Pilgrim Lee said...

yay!!! congratulations lovely lady :D
here is to another 100x100 posts!
i think i love the dandelion best of all.

Kate said...

Huge congrats on your big 100! Yay, how I do love your little space in the blogosphere. I love the top, first one with the blossom. So here's to the next 100 and the 100 after that. X

ArtistJess said...

oh, i really love bondi icebergs and in this light! i think i pick bondi icebergs. so pretty!

congrats on making it to 100!

the bashful owl said...

Hi Sara,
Love your bondi icebergs, but not too fussy really.
Hurrah on 100!

am said...

Love Ha Ha Ha and Bondi Icebergs
Wish me luck!!

Kate said...

Everyone loves a giveaway!

I adore Look Up. Just beautiful.

PS don't tell anyone but your teatowel was my favourite! Shhhh...

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel, just enjoyed re reading all your 'tagged' blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos, you are an inspiration a very talented!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. I like the 2nd (blue) one called I think In The Light

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