Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Wire, the dreams, the daisies and what Obama and I have in common.

The other night, after posting My Secret Weapon, I watched a few more episodes of The Wire and toddled off to bed.

That night I dreamt that Omar made me ThemeQueen of the My Place & Yours meme (he probably threatened poor Pip with his sawn off shotgun) and as a result, the theme for that week was "My Street Corner".

If you've seen The Wire, then you might be imagining some gruesome scenes. I did. There was a lot of blood, poverty and dead bodies.

Of course, in my dream the photos I posted were all beautifully shot in warm fuzzy tones, with some magical bokeh elements where the sunshine blurred in the background of the image. They were sad yet beautiful images.... Oh analyse that people, and tell me I'm not completed screwed in the head! Drugs and poverty could never be beautiful. I was a fool to dream.

Thankfully, that's not my street corner. I don't live in the projects or towers of westside Baltimore. I live in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and the only drug dealing in my suburb goes on in multimillion dollar mansions. Poolside, I imagine. Or maybe in a ginormous kitchen with Caesarstone benchtops and Miele appliances that never get used. I don't know. It's none of my business.

What I wanted to say was that I really like my street. I get a happy glow inside when I leave the house or when I'm walking home from the station in the evening. I look at the ocean and it smiles back at me, all sparkly and blue. I walk under a canopy of wisteria and jacarandah and arch my neck up so all I can see is purple and green. I breathe deeply when I pass the star jasmine that's completely blocking somebodies garage and wonder if they'll be able to get their car out. I look out for the overgrown vine and fondly stroke the lush green leaves. I smile at the hot pink bouganvillia. And then right at the street corner I turn back and look up someone's front steps.

I love these steps.

Every so often the owners pull out all the "weeds" but those stubborn little daisies always grow back. They sure do make me happy. I'd like to sit with them and watch the world go by. But I can't, because they're not my steps. Do you think they'd mind?

If I was to sit on those steps, I think I'd print out some of the Wire illustrations by Blake Hicks. They're too cool. I'd make a whole colouring in book and while away the day colouring and drinking rose lemonade.

I sure do like that Omar Devone Little a LOT. Did you know that he's also President Barack Obama's favourite character on The Wire? Yep. I read that on wikipedia folks.

Anyway, I'm not about to take over anyone's meme or anything, that would be rude and mean. So that's all from my corner of the street for now.

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