Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Encouragement awards

I mostly feel like this at work.

Except without the chocolates, which makes me even sadder.

So if you, like me, need a little gentle encouragement to get you through your day job, PMS, life in general etc then I hope you find the following etsy art prints helpful...


Hijiri said...

Thank you, Sara, so much for including my print!!! Super honored.

Thank you so much for your sweet words, too!!!

britt said...

what a great collection. happy times.
:) thanks!

art4friends said...

thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.

I love how you say I wish it would come true. hahah. I totally agree.

these are some great inspirational artworks!! got to love a good quote!!!

Renee xx

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Oh, you're so sweet! I love all of these! Thanks for including me in the group! :-)

Alfalky said...

Oh!, so much gorgeousness on one page!
And i love the video, i felt just like that yesterday...And a little encouragement is just what i needed.

Thank you!


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