Thursday, 12 November 2009

how do you take your tea?

I love tea. Tea is my preferred tipple. This has been well established.
I believe you've already met my favourite tea cup.

If you can find a better song to drink tea to I will.... I will switch to coffee. Permanently.

"Now when I say OOOH you say LONG - OOH, LONG, OOH, LONG!"

I don't know who this Elemental fellow is but I like him.
Some say he's a quintessential English fellow, explorer, scientist, exotic dancer and some might say raving lunatic. Banned from 13 of the colonies for 'unspeakable scientific experiments', yet heralded as something of a deity in a great many more.
Is that so? 

I fancy a cup of tea right now. Do you? How do you take your tea?
Elemental - "I want milk in it. Strong though. I want to see that teaspoon stand up!"

Here's what I see when I finish my cup -

True that.


Pilgrim Lee said...

argh! that cup is TOO cute!

my mum also used to say she liked her tea so strong you could stand the spoon in it.

in conclusion:
tea is great.

Sara said...

Mum's the word! I think if it's really strong it needs milk though. but not tooooo much milk. my mother in law takes 1 teaspoon of milk. !!! my mum just waves the teabag above the cup (she likes it weak).
I like it best when someone else makes it for me! that's the best cup of tea.

Alfalky said...

Ahahahah! What a nutter...and what great lyrics "Lapsang souchong, raise my pinkie finger.."

I'm all about orange pekoe leaf tea!

Speaking of strong, my uncle keeps the tea in the pot overnight and heats it up the next day with a big splash of cream!


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