Friday, 10 August 2007

sorry nams

I found out today that my specially created, lovingly wrapped and carefully packed birthday parcel to my bestest friend Naomi was stolen from her letter box.
I am deeply saddened! It had a lovely card that i made myself, and cowboy wrapping paper, and 2 mixed tape cd's with cover art i made myself and a special japanese pompom diy fluffy toy thingy and a cute as gocco print i bought on etsy of a little japanese baby girl dancing with thunder and lighting and alive written on her nappy! in a frame!
AND SOMEONE STOLE ITIf you are the nasty person running around Carlton North with Namsy's birthday present - SHAME ON YOU! You have ruined her birthday. She is only smiling in this picture because she didn't know at that point that her present had been stolen from her.

ps. thanks anthony for your lovely shot of nams xx

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