Friday, 31 October 2008

Sculpture by the Sea - Bondi 2008

Hands down this is my favourite annual exhibition. As if the cliffs along the Eastern Suburbs from Bondi to Bronte weren't dazzling enough, these sculptures just make the whole walk even more exciting.

As does the look on little kids faces as they see each new sculpture. Kids interacting with art is so much more honest and refreshing than tired old adult eyes.

If I learnt anything from my Art Theory degree (and I don't know how much of it I retained anyway, in between all those beers) it would be that whilst a whole lot of studying can teach you a lot about art, not a great deal of people ever bother to learn in the first place. Not in Australia anyway. So you could argue that a lot of people don't have the 'skills' necessary to 'read' an artwork, to understand what the work is about. But kids just dont seem to need those skills. The amount of times I've heard the following - "My 3 year old son could paint better than that" and "I don't know much about art but I know what I like" is depressing. Adults are so boring. So closed off. It's sad.

I guess that's why public art programs are so important. Hopefully people will be more open to all forms of art simply through osmosis?!

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Or check out the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Bondi yourself - on until Sunday 2nd November!

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madameshawshank said...

Sara, couldn't agree more! I visited the exhibition twice..the first time it was so windy and wet I thought I'd be blown into the kidding! The next time, rain without doable. I love the not knowing..the walking and discovery..

Also, I particularly loved your list on elegant sufficiency..may many more Mona Lisas find their way to your collection :-)

Sharing the love of libraries..

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