Monday, 8 February 2010

my love/hate relationship with Melbourne

I hate Melbourne for stealing my best friend Naomi. But I do love going to Melbourne to visit her.

You're awfully lovely Melbourne, with your delicious places to eat, dangerous places to shop and delightful art and crafty spirit. But you lose points for STEALING MY BEST FRIEND.

We spent a good week at the end of January down in Melbourne and it was a welcome break from my unemployed, house bound routine of late.

We ate the best jam donut I've had in a decade (also the only jam donut I've had in a decade), we had karaoke fun times at KBox (Gangsta's Paradise went down a treat, One Hand in My Pocket, not so much), indulged with yummy cake based brunches in Yarraville, amazing Ethiopian in Footscray, lots of late night gelato runs to Charlies, a drive in the country to Healesville with yummy olives and cider at the brewery there, we saw the mind blowingly talented Ricky Swallow exhibition at NGV, we watched the tennis on the tele, we had yummy BBQs with homegrown goodies, swims at Williamstown, homemade ginger beer, saw the wood chopping in Alexandria gardens on Australia day, played a thrilling game of bocci, tried to buy brie in Footscray Markets (rookie error, Footscrazy idea!), we thoroughly warmed Naomi and Anthony's new home, got a bit competitive over a finger sprint game on Naomi's iphone, hauled several tonnes of Bluestone on and off the back of a borrowed ute after some accidentally over zealous ebay bidding and we dined in a hurry due to a cranky waitress at Pellegrinos.

Here are some of the times I remembered to use my camera:

Thanks for a swell time Melbourne! You're tops!

I do however always feel terribly self conscious whenever I'm in town - not only is everyone is so good looking and well dressed but I'm always in constant fear of being ousted as a Sydneysider. Even Hitler hates on Sydney when in Melbourne. Every time I hop on a tram and wonder how to work the ticket machine I worry someone will realise I'm from Sydney. Can Melbournians smell fear? Do I have an accent that might give me away? A girl once asked Tom for street directions when he was standing outside a pub in Carlton, talking on his mobile phone - when he apologised and explained he was from Sydney, her reply was - WELL, YOU'RE COMPLETELY F#CKED THEN! Yes, it feels like it sometimes.

To the super trendy ladies casually dripping from head to toe with the latest indie fashion and design, I genuflect, then quickly step, out of your path. My eyes linger longingly on your shoes as you stride up Centre Place...

Oh Melbourne, why can't we be friends?! I'll be like Tai in Clueless, you can make me over.

Will this wonderfully geeky graffiti seen in Hosier Lane ever come true?


Hey Harriet said...

I just popped over here from seeing your tweet. I can relate to this post as Melbourne stole my best friend too! I enjoyed all of your photos from your trip!

nae said...

Great pictures, looks like fun! I understand how you feel, I love to visit Melbourne (from Sydney) and vicariously enjoy being stylish, indie and sophisticated.

Naomi said...

I love you, Melbourne smiles more (and wears less black) when you are here... and I getcha. I gots the Melbourne/Sydney Boowa too.

Kate said...

Just tell them you're from Adelaide! :P

You have to say it with the right apologetic tone, though...

Kate said...

Oh I totally get it! I feel like a stranger and a daggy tourist in Melbourne but I lived there my whole life up until 9 years ago. I'm sorry that Melbourne stole your best friend but it sounds like when you come to play, you see more of it than some people do in a lifetime. XX

the textured leaf said...

I live in Melbourne and I wear pyjamas when no ones looking. ALLLL DAY!!!! shocking I know. Melbournians have this thing where they just 'dont let on' and thats the only thing they have on anyone else. I dont know how to work the bloody ticket machines either and theres always someone friendly to help. Thats why I take my kids!

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