Monday, 11 May 2009

Don't keep calm and carry on

Don't keep calm and carry on., originally uploaded by moleitau.
I have loved the "Keep Calm and Carry On' mantra/poster for years. It was my motto when I first moved to full time work after finishing uni, helping me to stay calm whilst adapting to the crazy world of office politics and demands.

I think this message is more me these days. I especially need to remember the second part - make things.

I'm going to make something this week. Not sure what yet. What are you going to make?


Anonymous said...

just found a pattern for a capelet, will make tomorrow! then thought I would check out your site!what are you planning on making?

Sara said...

hmmm wanna teach me to crochet AGAIN?!

might do some drawing with my new derwents!

pick up a scarf i started ages ago?

something other than paper cranes perhaps!

Anonymous said...

I will be ready Wednesday night for chochet, thought your twitter page was beautiful and what scarf?
Your paper cranes are works of art, leave them alone!!

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