Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My Place & Yours: Bedsides - The stuff dreams are made next to...

The ever caring and sharing Pip from Meet Me At Mikes is always coming up with nifty ways to inspire people into action. 'My Place and Yours' is a weekly activity where you can share a slice of your life with the internets. A specific, themed slice of course. We crave discipline. This weeks tasty treat is bedsides. Who wants to see my bedside table?! I dusted it just for you.

(Be honest, who doesn't enjoy a little bit of snooping inside someone elses abode? You can join in too, there's almost 100 others signed up for this weeks theme!)

 The view from the top

My bedside treasures came from all over the world just to sit gathering dust in my room. 
There's my 'read' necklace by Brookadelphia in the U.S...my 'glasses' necklace from Little Shop Of in Melbourne... a bronze kitty my best friend Grant brought me back from Greece... a wee rabbit I bought in a craft museum in Kyoto... a Princess Diana commemorative plate that was an IRONIC birthday present, made in England of course... bluebird and heart locket jewelley from my old job at Victoria Spring Designs in Sydney... peridot rings I've collected in Barcelona, Dublin and Penrith (yes, Penrith)... marbles I got at the cinema after seeing the film Amelie in the Blue Mountains... a compass my mother-in-law gave me from who knows where... a blue bunny fan I bought in a 100 yen store in Osaka...  and a lovely embroidered doily which was another, less ironic birthday present and came from the Cat Protection Society in Newtown. 

Phew. That's a lot of worldly treasure, don't you think?!

Close up of my favourite mug, bought in a 300 Yen store in Tokyo. (That's 3 dollars!) It says awesome things like - 'What kind of book do you like?' 'Good Choice' and 'It was Lovely'. 
Tea always tastes better in that mug.

OOh! What's round the corner you say? A bookcase, because a bedside table just isn't enough!

The first (but not the last!) Ashley G I bought. Bless that lovely lady, she got me hooked on Etsy. There's also a lovely red ball of Peruvian wool bought on ebay, but it's too scratchy to knit into a scarf. And whooooo's hiding in the corner? An owl stuffie made by Craftpaca.

A lovely eco friendly soy wax candle my clever neighbour Steph made. It smells delish - lily and ginger. Mmmm. 
You can find her at Bondi Markets too, when she's not making candles in the flat above mine.

 And last but not least, the view from my pillow, complete with alarm clock, my reading 'to do' list, my latest silly ebay purchase (a strawberry that unfolds into a shopping bag, way cooler than those green coles/woolworths bags eh?!) and a much treasured yet seldom worn kimono that my lovely mum gave me for my birthday almost 10 years ago. We were sold when the salesman told us it was 2nd hand, worn by real Geisha's in Kyoto!

So that's it. That's my what's at my bedside. Post dusting of course. Can't believe you made it this far through the past. Well done you. Hope I didn't disappoint. Many thanks again to Pip for inspiring me to dust and the delightful Pilgrim Lee for reminding me of the task! Hopefully next week's theme is bathrooms because the mold in mine sure could do with removing. Or spare rooms, because mine is piled high with junk. Or the condiments shelf in your fridge because mine is full of expired, long forgotten food stuffs. But it most likely won't be. Either way, I'm sure it'll be inspiring!

Did you share your bedside?
Send me a link and I'm come nosey around!

Edit - just found this old post from 2 years ago - it's my bedside table from Aug 07! Interesting to see what's lasted the test of time!


Pip Lincolne said...

Oh wow! I love the MUG! I love the READ necklace! I love the doyley! I love it all, actually! You have a really lovely room. It looks like exactly the right place for you to cosy down. So pleased that you joined in! Yay!

Sara said...

aw thanks Pip, you're too lovely. funny how all these little things become so special to us eh?! i love that mug so much!
thanks again, you're a champion of inspirational goodness!
x sara

Tracey said...

a fab bedside Sara. I really like it all. Especially the AshleyG print... very sweet. Thanks for visiting my blog today too! x Tracey

Sid said...

Hey Sara! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love that little red alarm clock... its so cute! and yes my radio does work :) Your treasures are so pretty. xx

ninon said...

wow, here ther is some loveliness! I like your little artworks everywhere... I think I have my theme for next week already, and it's going to be quite scary, at least for messy people like me, eheheh

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