Saturday, 24 October 2009

please please, wait a minute mr postman

Do you ever feel like the only mail you get is bills?

I do. Aside from the odd postcard here and there and a yearly birthday card from my nana, bills and junkmail seem to be the only things filling up my letterbox.

So I'm determined to start sending cards and letters and lil love notes to my nearest and dearest. Like what we used to do before Facebook was invented. If you'd like a happy hello to smile at you amongst your local thai restaurant menus, carpet cleaning adverts, bills, bills, bills and pest removal flyers, tell me your address and I'll reciprocate, snail mail style.

In the mean while, here's how I turn my stressful, depressing bills into happy, peaceful moments. I cut open the envelopes and turn the pretty blue security patterns into paper cranes.

Now I've just got to think of a way to put these paper cranes to work and then all my money troubles are solved...


Pilgrim Lee said...

awww thats a beautiful use for that pretty blue patterned lining! good thinkifying

in my tiny attic room in penzance i made a garland of cranes to brighten the place up... maybe you could decide to have a peaceful crane filled blue and white themed christmas? make a garland of them and festoon them on a white painted branch or 'round the xmas tree. you could then wrap all your presents in white and tie them up with carious kinds of blue ribbons.


Sara said...

aw thanks pilgrim!

one step ahead of you though i'm afraid. My christmas trees and all occasion presents are always adorned with paper cranes. I'm completely obsessed with making them. thinking of getting a paper crane tattoo!

but you have a point. last years christmas tree cranes were very colourful, but maybe this year we could have a blue and white theme! i like that. I'm going to work towards that. no doubt they'll be tons more bills to pay before christmas! xx

Claire said...

Sar you shoudl totally get a crane tat!

Sarah said...

I love that idea! I also have a paper crane fetish which lies dormant for most of the year until the magical month of December comes around. A few years ago I had the bright idea of hanging a paper crane from each dressing room mirror for all the dancers I did wardrobe for (just the ladies) I was still up at 3am folding paper like a mad woman! It looked great though and brightened everyones day up!
I've been thinking crane paper for the past few days now, I've done wallpaper scraps, watercolour paper, tracing paper, newspaper but had never thought of recycling the paper from bills, and they look so pretty!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. x

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