Friday, 29 January 2010

first impressions count

Does anyone else get almost as much pleasure from wrapping a present as they do from making what's inside? You can't beat squeals of excitement and anticipation. My squeals, of course. Giving presents is so much fun!

Quite often the outside of my presents trump what's inside the wrapping paper. This can lead to disappointment. Be careful to balance the inner with the outer for optimum delight when gift giving.

Here's my latest attempt at gift wrapping.

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things.

Curious about what's inside?  
This awesome book and some handmade crocheted granny star coasters - a house warming present of sorts for my lovely friends Naomi and Anthony who've just bought their first home. I spent the last week visiting them in Melbourne and wished I could live in their lovely spare room permanently, while they make me tasty food, play me fun tunes and entertain me with hard labour. Believe it or not, you can have lots of fun hauling tonnes of bluestone on and off a ute.

Curious about how to decorate your gifts with leftover scraps from your crafty pursuits?
As you can see from the images, it's not rocket science - it just takes a little time and effort. Just a little though! Hand sew scraps of felt or material cut into tiny triangles onto a length of wool with invisible thread to make a bunting garland like I've done below. Saving all the tiny scraps of wool cut off your crochet/knitting projects and knotting them together to make a super colourful, economical, no waste ribbon for present wrapping is surprisingly satisfying. Just think, those tiny scraps could have ended up in the bin but you saved them from certain destruction and allowed them to reach their full potential!

I'm never throwing away my scraps ever again.

How do you like to make a good first impression when giving gifts?


Kate said...

Ooooh, so lovely and happy! I adore the yarn scrap ribbon. ADORE it. I am officially stealing all your ideas form now on. You ahve been warned.

the textured leaf said...

Can I get some of that hand stitched teeny tiny bunting?
I cant believe you would patiently stitch this on!
Nice to 'meet' you

the textured leaf said...

I forgot to mention that you may want to see the way I pseudo-wrap my etsy stuff, since you asked. I should have done before and after shots of previous disasters for full impact.

Its here

handmade romance said...

ooh i know exactly what you mean! i love wrapping gifts. i also received a card for my birthday that said 'sometimes the thing the present is wrapped in is better that the present' tom aged 5. it has a picture of a boy a box on the front. i loved it! and white the present that came with it was absolutely gorgeous the wrapping of a fellow lover of wrapping was pretty sweet too : )

rejenerate said...

Ooooh these packages are so gorgeous!

I like to use recycled newspaper and vintage doilies and trims for a gorgeous eco gift. Lovely!

Kate said...

I LOVE that mini bunting on the brown paper package! I love decorating prezzies with little crochet motifs. I have friends in Melbourne called Naomi and Anthony, I wonder if they are the same. I think your packages will make the best first impression because you have made a great impression on me on my first visit to your blog.

Anonymous said...

My partner is slightly puzzled why I trouble so much about wrapping presents. It's always been done so in my family and I just grew up thinking it was an extension of the love and thoughtfulness that had gone into the gift.

And I love how you wrapped such an awesome present. While my partner may not get the wrapping thing, he gets me which is why he gave me that book for my birthday.

Sara said...

Yay - I LOVE wrapping presents! and I love your knotted, colourful yarn and teeny bunting. I like to use brown paper too with bright tissue paper inside.

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