Monday, 21 June 2010

keep your chin up

Hi there! It's been three whole weeks! I would have blogged sooner but I was busy burying my head in the sand. Sorry about that. I have some rather enormous life changing news to announce but I have to wait just a little bit longer before sharing....rude I know. Please be patient with me! While I shake the sand out of my hair and wipe my eyes here is a happy inspirational image I've been using to keep me going.

Have you ever tried to make a paper cut before? I do have some time on my hands...perhaps I should give one a go eh?! Nothing like blind enthusiasm is there?!


Michaela said...

Wow. That's rather intriguing! I hope you are ok... xxooo

the textured leaf said...

Hi honey youre home!
Yay! so nice to have you back, Sara.
I wonder what it could be?
I absolutely have no idea why I havent spent my every spare moment doing papercuts up until this point. I mean, how lovely and intricate and inexpensive and divine and timeless and sublime and evocative and childlike and heartfelt and I think I need to do one too, now youve made me think about it.
Shall I add it to my huge to do list?

Sally said...

Missing you muchly. Take care.

Kate said...

Been thinking about you and wondering how you're going. We went to a market on Sunday and there were lots of old magazines and I looked and looked for some cool girls annuals like you blogged about, but they must be too popular because there weren't any.

Will now speculate on your news in a wild and salacious fashion. You've discovered you are actually the love child of Colin Firth and Angelina Jolie? You have spent the last three weeks hiking accross the desert? You found out that you ACTUALLY LIKE TOFU?!? What could it be?

This blog has some lovely papercuts and always makes me want to have a go She does some simple downloadbale templates you could try? I've not had a go, but maybe you could inspire me to pick up the knife... on the other hand, that may not be such a good idea.

jb said...

dont like tea

handmade romance said...

hello!! i know its been a while since ive commented. bit guilty. yep.
i hope all is well though behind this mysterious post and this life change could in fact be a new life itself. haha you have got me guessing.
this image is also most definitely the kind of happy inspirational image to do exactly as it says xx

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