Friday, 2 July 2010

hip hip hooray!

Hooray for holidays! I'm going OVERSEAS!! Well, I'm headed to Tassie for the weekend with my mum and my uncle to visit my cousin's family in Launceston. I've never been there before. It's rather exciting. I think the small gap of ocean between Tasmania and the mainland officially makes this trip an overseas one, don't you?!

Only problem is that it's bloooooooody freeeeeeeeezing down there. Even colder than Sydney and I already feel like I've layered and rugged up as much as possible. I just did a late night trip to Kmart for extra woolie leggings. I feel certain that in this current climate, one can never have too many pairs of thick woolie leggings. But don't worry kids, I won't wear them as pants.

I've already started the first rounds of many crocheted flowers so I can crochet on the plane and not need scissors, which I am feeling rather chuffed about. As for doing the laundry so I have clean undies to take...well, there is a few hours before take off!

Oh, and I will be taking my apple beanie to Australia's apple isle so stay tuned for some in situ action shots!

Much love to you all and have a wonderful wild and wooly weekend, wherever you are!


Lee said...

:) Have fun in Tasmania. I so want to go there. I hope you take lots of photos for your blog!
Lee :)

the textured leaf said...

hey Sara,
still missing you intensely and had computer problems to boot. Have a great wintery voyage. I recently bought some winter leggingy things and the crutch is so insanely itchy where the stitching on the inner leg is (not the actual crutch eewwwwww) that they are unwearable!
bon voyage, x

alfalky~* said...

Hehehe! love those pom poms!!

handmade romance said...

how good is that stencil. clever pompom thinking creator!!

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