Monday, 16 August 2010

I spy with my little eye something begining with.....


If you guessed BLOG POST you'd be correct. If you guessed BABY you'd also be correct.
Which brings me to my excellent excuse for my absence in blogland, and life in general, for the past few months. I'm just emerging from the fog of my first ever first trimester. Yes dear friends and readers, (if there is anyone still reading after my unexplained departure), I am pregnant.

Up the duff. Preggers. Bun in the oven. I'm legitimately fat now people.

And if the shock of discovering there was a very unplanned, surprise human growing in my uterus wasn't enough then the shock of discovering being pregnant isn't all glowing loveliness, long lunches and nesting by painting a nursery in overalls like on some paint ad, has certainly bowled me over.

The exhaustion. I've slept for weeks. I sleep around 12 hours a night and then nap several times a day. I think I sleep more than the cat right now. The endless nausea and aversion to any food smells. The fact that morning sickness lasts all day, and for me, is worse at night. My utter lack of appetite and thanks to some rather nifty hormone changes I've been constipated for a good two months now. Honestly, no one EVER mentioned to me before that being pregnant can make you constipated! Word up to the non mums out there - you've now been warned!

So while you've all been going about your busy, crafty, inspirational lives I've been walking around like a zombie, unable to muster an intelligent thought let alone think about picking up my crochet hook, knitting needles, camera or even stringing together a typed sentence. I've never felt so utterly devoid of creative impulses in my life and it's depressing me so much. I have to believe that all of my creative energy has been diverted to the being in my belly, who will in turn grow into a fabulously talented, creative, inspirational human being. (No pressure.)

And I'm trying not to think about how I'll never have a chance to indulge in my beloved sleep-ins for many years to come, how I'll have to transform into a responsible parent/housewife who cooks and cleans on a regular, you know, daily, basis, how we're going to fit a family into our one bedroom apartment, how our sunroom/study/junkroom needs to be emptied and transformed into a nursery, how we're going to lug a pram up four flights of stairs, how difficult and scarce holidays will be from now on, whether my partner will love our child more than he loves me and how I'm going to pass a baby through my vagina. (No pressure.)

So in order to return some normalacy to my life I've decided to return to In the Light of the Sun. Regular sunshine and regular blogging. That's my plan for bringing back 'me'. Of course, I can guarantee neither but I can try. And thanks for sticking with me, by the way, it's much appreciated. (No pressure!)

Evidence I saw the sun today as well as napping with the cat...


Sally said...


A great blog post - sounds like your sentence-stringing ability has returned :)

pilgrim said...

:D i'll be here reading.. and nodding in agreement.. whenever you're posting. good to see you back

*big hugs with an extra little hug for the passenger*

Sally said...

Oh this such wonderful news. Congratulations! I am so pleased and happy for you.
I can't stop smiling. So delightful. You'll be a wonderful mother... I just know it.

Kate @ said...

Congratulations! I really love this post, very honest and touching. All the best and here's hoping some of those nasty physical side effects clear up for you soon!

Pip Lincolne said...

Oh yay! Look at that cute lil bean you have growing! Well done you and your Mister! How exciting! Have you been watching Offspring on Channel Ten?! It's totally PERFECT for expectant mums and clucky gals alike! I am SO happy for you! Sigh. Newborn babies. Sigh...! xx

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH! I am so excited! Oh Sara that is an awesome surprise to have "growing in your uterus!"
Congratulations and I hope you just take it easy and relish the naps.

xoxoxo Verity

Kate said...

Gosh, that photo makes it so real, doesn't it? Well, for me, anyway. I'm sure it's been real for you for a while!

I'm sorry the physical stuff is sucking, I am told it gets less heinous soon. And just think: baby things are much smaller and therefore quicker to make.

ejorpin said...

Well you are back with a bang aren't you? A beautiful, touching, funny post and a growing baby to boot! Congratulations!

ps. I look forward to reading more wonderful posts about motherhood and such (no pressure!).

life in a pink fibro said...

The best kind of news! Congratulations.

the textured leaf said...

Well, well, well! Who would have guessed?
Glad to have you back with me! (as if you really left)
Im struggling with my posting too but dont have your amazing excuse!
If you do do-up a nursery can we please have lots of pictures?

carol said...

Hi there, just found your blog through the knitting and crocheting blog that i have joined. Sorry I did not make it to the day at the park yesterday, I was looking forward to meeting people with similar interests. I am new to Darlinghurst. My daughter is pregnant a surprise as well. We, as new grandparents are delighted!! Congrat to you too.

LiberaEsincera said...

A beatiful moment!
Bye bye

rejenerate said...

Bloody hell. I could've written that exact same post this time last year.

I had a HIDEOUS first trimester and must say that I didn't particularly relish in the other two trimesters either!!! I think my hormones had me feeling pretty down throughout the whole pregnancy and I was not the glowing, blissful pregnant godess you're supposed to be ha ha

It sounds terrible but I never really got excited about my impending bundle of joy and my creative self dissappeared almost completely.

The good news is that I am now sitting here looking at my three month old baby girl and oh my god I am so happy and in love and life has never, ever been better.

Congratulations and good luck. Your life will never be the same, but I dare say you won't want it to be.

dorothybills said...

wow wow, congrats! Your creative energy will come back never fear! Great honest post, first pregnancy IS a shock....amazing how quickly that little bub changes your life SO soon. Glad your back on line and all the very best, Eleesa x

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