Thursday, 12 March 2009

hey there!

I got my film developed. Pretty disappointed really. Lots of them were just completely blurry. I do kind of remember taking them and thinking, did I move then when I hit the shutter? oh well. I also *forgot* that the viewfinder on the holga is not attached to the lens, so lining up a shot through the viewfinder will not result in water spurting out of my elephants trunk like I wanted it too...

maybe i am losing my holga mojo. I feel like each film just keeps getting worse and worse. My beginners luck is wearing off or something. I want to feel the magic again.

I don't think this is good enough to put in my etsy store.
I'll keep trying. I guess. ho hum.


clare said...

Hi just in for a visit and to say hi so there hi !
clares craftroom

sunardi said...

Perhaps you right at the blurry effects. But your concept is awesome.

Keep tryin'


celine said...

keep on trying! we all have off times sometimes with our cameras. I personally like the result of what you did.

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