Sunday, 26 September 2010

warm fuzzy "look everyone, I made this!" moments

So even though Spring is well sprung these days, what with all the magnolias and cherry blossoms and wisteria waving hello as you walk down the street, I'm still making room for some warm fuzzy moments in my life.

If I can be THIS PROUD of my recycled woollen turtleneck jumper transformed into a hot water bottle cozy then I can only imagine how proud I will be of the little baby I pop out after 9 long months. I bet there will be a lot of "LOOK EVERYONE, I MADE THIS!!!"...apologies in advance people.

Meanwhile, here is my new improved hot water bottle. Turtleneck jumpers are terribly unflattering on me, but I always get sucked in by the woollen jumper rack at Vinnies, so rather than return it back to Vinnies in a recent spring clean I decided to get crafty. Wish I'd thought beforehand to embroider something cute on it before I sewed it up but the urge to make overwhelmed my thinking process.

Have you ever got so sick of a project you'd been working on that you never bothered to finish it? Well, I think I've come across a solution - pass it on! My lovely neighbour Gabi had been working on a sweet hexagonal crochet baby blankie for a friend of hers since her friend found out she was pregnant. Now that friends baby is 1 and Gabi still hasn't finished the blanket but has grown sick of the sight of it. So she passed it on to me instead.

And I'm so excited! I just have to sew on 14 left over hexagons and edge it and it's done! Almost like I made the whole thing myself!

I better get cracking on this though otherwise I fear I'll lose the will to finish also, and it would be a terrible shame for this poor orphaned blankie to be abandoned twice!


the textured leaf said...

Brilliant idea. How sweet of you. You know Kate of FoxsLane once told me to send on my crochet blanket but I failed to take her up on her kind offer. Ive done a little bit since and am feeling the crochet love at the moment, so...heres to finishing things!
have missed you! xxx

Sally said...

Great water bottle cover. Lovely warm and fuzzy. My three year old son just popped by and on seeing the picture of the blanket said "Oh! What a lovely blanket" - super cute.
Hope you're feeling well. Take care.

dorothybills..... said...

Oh that baby blanket is gorgeous, have fun finishing it!
Great use for the turtle neck, brilliant!

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