Saturday, 18 April 2009


I'm a bit down this morning because I went to pick up a print from the photo shop that had been ordered on my Etsy store. At first glance all looked fine. Then when I had a better look in the car, I noticed an odd mark on the print that wasn't there last time I had it developed.

I went back to ask them what it was, in not so many words it turns out the developer has gotten some chemicals on my negative.

sigh. I won't pretend I didn't cry a little. Not only it is one of the most popular prints in my store, I never got a chance to make one for myself. That, and how do I explain this problem to the lovely customer that just ordered the print? Give her a refund I guess and send her the print with the mark? It's small, but I am sure some eagle eyed people would notice it.

Now I've let her down and that's bad for business.

The photo shop has said they will try to clean the negative and print it again but I am not holding my breath for a good result.

I can always take the photo again, but it may never be the same.

* Update - just rung the photo shop. They have fixed up the print digitally. At least the customer will get what she ordered then. Now I just have to take another equally lovely shot. With my broken holga!


Anonymous said...

Now I read this and it is sad moment :(
So sorry, I send my hugs. Can not copies be made from the digital images (that are online?)
The frustration that they even tried to hide it by not telling you first.....
so sorry

Sara said...

that's an awesome suggestion. I will email them a digital scan. THANKS MUM!!! Mums rule.

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