Sunday, 6 December 2009


My rather belated Friday Top 5 before 5 is coming. I promise. I got distracted by life and this...

I love all things Japanese and all things French. The Japanese (rightly so) also love all things French.
French inspired Japanese things make my heart sing, they're so sweet and whimsical.
Check out this amazing collaboration of French artist Nathalie Lété and a Shibuya store.
I want to live in this sweet store window. I want to have painting skills...

(via the lovely Geninne's Art Blog - check her out too she's rather super talented herself!)


handmade romance said...

happy monday! i have left you a little award over on my blog. play along if you like x

art4friends said...

Sara - hehe, yep yep. Every time I see anything I just melt with "omg"ness.



and thanks for the living without money link, I tend to need reminding of that sometimes. that I don't always need to buy!


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