Tuesday, 15 December 2009

what to do?!

I wrote this list a few days ago. It's a To Do list designed to fill my days with positive thoughts and affirmative action. Do you ever write those? I'm a big fan of the To Do list. They're great as a brain storm, a procrastination activity, a reminder, a pick me up, and you can even add to them after the fact, to make the most of that glorious crossing off the list part.

Any of these on your list? (You don't have to be unemployed to want/need to do these things either!)

Things I can do now that I am redundant am unemployed...
Crochet up a storm
Finish my crocheted chair project
Sew up my new cushions
Make yummy meals
Read books
Relax at the beach
Declutter the house
Go to the gym
Make Christmas presents
Spring cleaning
Blog more!

Things I should stop doing...

Sitting on the couch staring blankly at screens
Watching crap TV all day and night
Making do with what’s in the cupboards because I am too lazy to leave the house – tinned salmon,  and frozen packets of edamame does not equal satisfying meals for days on end.
Procrastinating getting my resume sorted, answering emails, doing the laundry, showering and getting dressed etc etc

I'm not going to pretend that I can cross many of those things off my list as yet. But I've made a start! Here's what I made today. It's a...


You like? Alex taught me how to crochet those flowers at our crochet circle on Sunday, she made some for her super cute tea cosy. I'm always on the lookout for stuff to stick on my head, so I whipped up a band to match and pinned them on. Bit dodgy. You should make one and show me how it's really done!

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handmade romance said...

this headband is gorgeous! its good to have lists i think, it can give us some focus and sense of achievement when we can cross things off. its important to be patient with ourselves though i think as i try to get everything done at once and then end up getting nothing done!! : ) one thing at a time is good. good luck with your lists. I know you posted this some time ago but i hope all is going well xx

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