Thursday, 17 December 2009

oh no, no, I never go to work

I think this awesome kids song by They Might Be Giants has just become my official unemployed theme tune. Just swap the trumpet with crocheting.

I did have trumpet lessons once upon a time. I was probably 11. I really hated practising the trumpet, more than any other instrument I've ever tried to learn. It was for the band at school and the teacher was a major grump. I remember one particularly hot, bushfire filled Christmas holiday I actually hoped our house would be burnt down so that I wouldn't have to play the trumpet anymore. In fact, I think I left it in the laundry, thinking that would catch fire first, and that hopefully it would burn out before the rest of the house was destroyed. So, just my trumpet and the laundry.

Oh the shame. What an evil self centred kid I was!


Pilgrim Lee said...

ooh that trumpet would not be a good 'learner' instrument. everyone in the 'hood would know when you hit a bum note. i think i'd want it to burn too...

i went through phases of hating my cello, but i had a terrible school rental which would ACTUALLY self destruct. the bridge would collapse and strings would whip me in the face.. so i think it may have hated me more than i hated it!

Sara said...

wow that sounds like a grueling, punishing way to learn an instrument! i would never want to practise if my instrument whipped me!

so when will donovan start learning the guitar eh?!!

Kate said...


You find the best videos - maybe you should make it a regular feature!

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