Thursday, 17 December 2009

My Place & Yours: Just five minutes peace...

This weeks theme for the My Place and Yours meme was chosen by the delightful, be brightful, colour my world with sunshine yellow each day, Pilgrim Lee. The lovely lady wants to know where we escape for 5 minutes peace, "where do you retreat to for that sanity-regaining break". Check out her chosen spot for relaxing, I'm rather envious indeed. I doubt I'd do much relaxing sat on that ottoman, more like bouncing around squeaking happy sounds, rejoicing and rejuvenating with much stroking of colourful tactile cushions! (Yes I stroke things, yes I know it looks creepy, I can't help it.)

The place I head to when I need to let off steam is actually a very steamy place. Ironic? Perhaps. It's not arty or crafty, or even particularly aesthetically pleasing, it's pretty much devoid of colour and it's in my least favourite room in my entire house - but oh it works wonders on a tired mind and body. It's my shower.

If you need to have a dramatic breakdown (like in the movies) the shower is the perfect place. Weep away, flood the drains with your tiny salty tears and step out of that shower a new woman. If you need to come up with a solution to all your problems, something will come tumbling out of that shower head, guarranteed! If you need 5 more minutes sleep before you go to work in the morning, why not multitask and be hygienic at the same time?! A shower will never let you down! Foolproof relaxation method!

It's the best 5 minutes you'll ever spend doing nothing. Although technically, in our bathroom, showers last for 4 and a half minutes. Well, that's how long the timed fan goes for, that's our compromise for not having one of those awful water conserving shower heads installed.

Anyway, here it is. Aren't you glad I didn't photograph myself in there? That wouldn't be peaceful for anyone.

You might have spotted the Boots shower products filling up the caddy. I always load up on Boots products every time I'm in the UK, it's a tradition for my mum and I. Sounds silly to some, but smelly soapy stuff and lipbalm from other countries are always my preferred souvenir! The shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser and scrub are from the Botanics range, with lots of organic choices. I'll cry when that shampoo runs out. I'm also rationing that Brazil Nut shower gel. It's dangerous stuff, smells so good you could turn into a self sufficient cannibal - eek!

Where in your home do you escape for 5 minutes peace? Join in the voyeuristic fun over at Meet Me at Mikes!


Sara said...

Oh good one! and look at all those glimmering droplets!

pilgrim said...

oooh watery places are my (close) second fave relaxy places. that photo is incredible, very dramatic. i like it!

i miss boots too. and i also like buying 'mundane' souvenirs.. its so thrilling to have some foreign product to study in the shower.

thanks for playing along with my theme this week! (and again, for pointing out it was my turn to queen it up)

The Back Shed said...

That is one place my lot never follow me so yes, a place of peace!!!

grace said...

I love that photograph, and I agree re: bath stuff as travel souvenirs. Unfortunately, I always over-indulge, so I have a whole drawer full of back-ups!

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