Thursday, 17 December 2009

let's be like weeds, and flourish wherever we're planted!

Today I did a lil gardenin', teeny tiny gardening.

I don't even know what these tiny plants are but my mother-in-law gave them to me from her garden, they were sprouting off some of her pot plants, like fiesty little barnacles on a whale. Some people might call them weeds. Maybe they're a succulent of some sort?

I don't have much of a green thumb though, so we'll see how long these poor lil sprouts last.

I do love the idea of gardening. But I'm not very good at it. I seem to over or under water things, attract caterpillars that eat all my basil or live in spots that are either scorching hot in the direct north facing sun or dark and damp on the south side, in a wind tunnel. Weeds are really my best hope.

I 'planted' these babies in a small glass that also came from my mother-in-law's childhood home. I hope they appreciate the association!

I also crocheted a little cozy for the outside of the glass. It was a test actually, to see whether I'd be able to work out how to crochet round and increase/decrease the size. What a wonderful test to perform, I passed with flying colours and feel rather impressed with myself. It's the little things right?! Focus on the positives!

Tomorrow I shall attempt to get up, shower and be dressed and out the door by 9.30am. For an unemployed person with plenty of time on their hands who happens to be completely useless in the morning I think this might really be stretching my capabilities.

I know a lot of you are having a really hard time this month so I do hope you're not pushing yourself too hard (like me!!) and are being kind and gentle to yourself. Because you're awfully lovely, you know? And sometimes when times are tough and sad we can be a little hard on ourselves. So just remember that you can achieve wonderful things, things you never thought possible, and to take your time and be yourself and hang in there like these hardy lil sprouts.

(If these sprouts die, forget I said anything.)


art4friends said...

oh!! such a sweet blog post!!

I just love the crocheted thing! can you tell me how to make it!!? haha
I am still only making my first blanket which I started in winter. Slow and steady I say.

I also try and grow these little babies, but not much luck. Although I got some news one and actually remember to water them and they are going ok. When the florist told me "just water them when you remember" I don't think she meant "just wanter them once or twice a year".

oh well.

anyway, thank you for your sweet words! actually meant a lot to me today because I was offically redundant! so yeah, I can join the club very soon. although I must say, I am looking forward to more arting and blogging.

Thank you for the sweetest comment in the world on my blog post. made my smile a whole lot ..


Kate said...

This brought a smile to my face! And I am so impressed by your cozy! Wow.

I am not good at gardening - I get all super excited and plant a million things, and do pretty well for a bit. Then a few weeks later I get distracted by something else and don't go outside for a week. Only to find that everythign has died except for one rogue plant that's eaten everything else and is heading for the house. Eeep!

handmade romance said...

how are your sprouts going now? survived christmas i hope ; )
i love your little crochet cozy too, what a great test...

Sara said...

wee little sprouts! I think they will do well there and if they don't then its not from lack of care, what with their own sweet crochet cozy! this is very impressive indeed from a non-crochet-er.

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