Tuesday, 20 April 2010

glass half full or half empty? cake half burnt or half uncooked?

As you can see I'm a chaotic baker. I promise I didn't "style" that shot, that's just how unorganised the science of baking is in my kitchen. Things get messy when I bake. But I love the clutter, the muddle, the bedlam and the scrambles and shambles of a good afternoon of baking. So what if I've got icing sugar in my hair, egg smeared on my skirt and if my cardigan doesn't skim over my curves like Nigella's. At least I get to lick all the dishes clean and put them straight back in the cupboards when I'm done.

I don't love when my delicious tasting lemon and almond cake batter burns on the outside and is completely uncooked in the middle...poor Nana, her 82nd birthday cake probably won't be remembered in her birthday cake hall of fame. And I burnt it last year too, so maybe this is becoming a tradition. And sure, I blame the oven, but who turned it up too high, then down too low to compensate? Oops, I guess that would be me...

So the lesson I learn, time and time again, is eat as much of that delicious lemony butter and sugar and almond meal mixture before you put it in the oven and go and ruin everything, yet again. Got any better baking tips than that?!

Other lessons I am learning this week is persistance and being patient. Thank you for your kind words as I battle with my temper. Never fear, my nephew and I are still talking to each other (well, he babbles, I sing) and spend most of the day cuddling. Plus I figure I am being paid to be patient, so I should try harder for work ethic reasons alone! I did confess to my sister in law that I'd yelled at him and she just hugged me and said - "I'm sorry he pushed you to your limit but it happens to everyone. Don't feel bad. Feel good because you're giving me a break 3 days a week!"

So I guess I'll have a glass (half full) of wine to wash down this delicious cake, put my feet up and consider myself just cussing awesome. Care to join me? Come on, tell me you're not cussing awesome too?! I know you are!!


Pilgrim Lee said...

first off, i misread that as "custarding awesome" and yes.. i am. mmm custard!

secondly, your oven sounds like mine! don't tell anyone, but that banana cake i posted about last week had to go back in the oven to, er, solidify in the middle!

pfft, baking.. who needs it?! oh, right.. people who like cake.

the textured leaf said...

okayyya! ill play. Im pretty cussing awesome at the moment cos im coping with the renos and holding the fort and saving the day when things are going wrong. (ill fill you in later)
im hungry after visiting you tonight!

Cat said...

Mmmmm you had me at eating cake mixture. Cussing awesome indeed!

Anonymous said...

that mixture sure does look yummy....the absolute BEST part about baking, eating it before it goes in the oven!!!! I adore the pincushion you made for Kirsty

CurlyPops said...

Hi Sara
I'm so glad you liked your pincushion. After seeing all the amazing creations around the blogs, I thought mine was a bit simple! Enjoy the choccy - Green and Blacks is one of my faves
Cam x

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