Friday, 9 April 2010

this couch potato is getting a serious makeover

I'd love a new couch. But I've been told by my better half that there's absolutely nothing wrong with this one.

I'd beg to differ.

I mean sure, it's actually quite comfortable, if you don't mind sinking into it and never getting up again. And the fact that it only cost 40 cents on ebay makes it hard to imagine a replacement that could scream !!!BARGAIN!!! quite like this one does. Everyone loves a bargain. Everyone that visits our home gets told "that couch cost 40 cents". If we didn't have the couch, what bargains could we brag about?!

But it's so dark and shows so much dust and is getting threadbare on the arms and the cushions are sad and flat and missing buttons...

Oh, it would be so lovely and grown up to own a piece of furniture that I'd actually bought because I like the design, rather than the price tag. But I guess I'll have to wait until I am...more...grown up.

In the meantime I shall exercise my powers of discretionary spending on soft furnishings.

Enter my Umbrella Prints cushions. I picked up two packs of Umbrella Prints remnants at the last Sydney Finders Keepers markets. Holy thread count, Batman, I am seriously impressed with their stuff.

Did you know that these original Umbrella Prints fabrics are hand screen printed in Australia on organic hemp/cotton and linen/cotton and the inks used are water based 100% solvent free. YES! It's true! And unlike some other Australian, hand screen printed, environmentally friendly fabric* I bought recently, I'm really impressed with the quality of both the fabric and the printing. Seriously professional product. And it was a dream to sew.

Well, I dreamt that part up. Actually, my awesome, wonderful, kind and sweet mother sewed these up for me for Christmas. Bless her and her sewing skills!

So things are looking up, on the couch front, don'tcha think?

But there's still so much I've decided to put my new found crochet skills to work and embark upon an epic project - my first granny square blanket!

I've purchased 15 balls of Moda Vera 'Cupcake' yarn, which is ever so soft and snuggly, in colours which I think will compliment my cushions nicely. I've got 4 base colours for this rug - a navy, pumpkin, mustard and red.

And then I've got 3 bright and cheery colours - turquoise, rose and purple - to add a little pop of colour here and there. Then I'll bind them all together with a nice cream. Yum!

And this granny square rug will not be anything like the rug on Roseanne, which is what my 'so called' better half exclaimed when he saw my granny square pile growing...

Now, If we add up the cost of these cushions (easily $100 with feather/down cushion inserts and not including labour) and the wool to make this blanket ($70 so far but since I haven't finished I'll bet I have to buy more, 4 balls of cream to crochet it all together is definitely not going to be enough) I think I'd have just enough to purchase another (albeit pre-loved) couch from ebay. But where would the fun be in that eh?!

*No, I shan't name names. I'd probably be ostracised by the Australian blogging community as this company gets a serious amount of online love. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and put it down to bad luck/exceedingly high fabric quality expectations/bad day at the press...but I doubt I'll be spending any more of my hard earned discretionary dollars there in the future. Sad face...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so feeling you in this post Sara! My lounge room is like an retirement home for velour couches & arm chairs - except they have not retired they are softly cradling bottoms and a cat daily. They are all brown and mustard and although have good ‘bones’ def need cushions & rugs & nice bright curtains to distract from the brown.
I love your colour choices with the rug & the pillow colours. Also that couch looks a perfect size for a cuddle - maybe that is why the boy loves it so?!

the textured leaf said...

I totally agree! We have a three seater here but if youre halfway through an argument you can sit at either end and pretend that what youre arguing about doesnt matter while watching evil tv shows like Survivor. (i hate Survivor) Apologies to all who like it. (the most dastardly survive)
I love your blogs! I love you, x

the textured leaf said...

So sorry, forgot to mention the new look Banner.
I love it so much. Did I tell you im obsessed by all things cloudlike?
Its very nicely done. I love how youve included your beautiful handstitched wrapping strings,
wendy x

Sally said...

Your granny rug is going to look amazing. I love love love the colours that you've chosen.
And those pillows - YUM!!!

I justify the cost of my crochet to my partner with all the savings that we're going to make on our electrivity bill :) ...but I must be careful or he may not let me turn the heater on this winter!!!

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