Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I've been doing it. Handiwork that is. Stitching hands or things on hand shapes!
And in the words of my favourite 80s effortlessly cool dude Ferris Bueller - "Never had one lesson".

Can you tell?

First up was a card for my sister in law to say thanks for trusting me enough to look after her darling lil one three days a week for 5 whole months! We have our last day together tomorrow. Le sigh.

The hardest part was getting him to hold still long enough to trace his hand...I had to sing some crazy songs to distract him.

Next up is a gift for my partner Tom, who requested fingerless gloves for his birthday. He's been warned the weather will be pretty chilly in South Africa, even in the offices they will be working in, so I have embellished a plain black pair of woollen fingerless gloves with a little love for him to remember me by. So if you happen to watch any of the World Cup shows on SBS this June/July then it's highly likely they will have been put together by my man, wearing my 'handmade' gloves!

I told him he could tuck them into his jumper but he said he would display them proudly. Awwww. Now to embroider his stab vest and stencil sweet nothings on his tear gas mask. EEEK!

And before you go I just want to say sorry for being such a stranger round here lately. Thank you for all your kind well wishes on my last post. I've plunged into unemployment gloom even before it's officially started and I think I reverted to my December headspace without realising. I promise to try harder at thinking positive this time! Someone will employ me! Bills will be paid! And in the meanwhile - blog posts will be posted! So do stay tuned.


Alfalky said...

Oh you are so very Handy!

any other hand related projects underway?


Anonymous said...

Heh! So cute (on both accounts). Vitor's got some letter in his wallet from when we first started dating...oh, and Twitter now, I guess. I am hopeless when it comes to crafty stuff (but decent at Tweeting :p).

Sally said...

Oh - I have been meaning to stitch some hand prints of my gorgeous bubs for sometime now... but time just slips away.
Yours is so beautiful. A real treasure.

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