Sunday, 2 May 2010

Honey, I'm home!

 *Over 10 hours round trip of driving later...*

Home from the Farm. Sigh. I could definitely spend more time in the countryside... I'd be a weather beaten farmers wife any day. In fact I'm ridiculously brown after just one week. And sad about taking my Blundstones off. They were the first thing I'd pull on as I stumbled out of bed each day...I'm dreaming of living the good life with a sheep or two and some pigs and a dairy cow. I rather fancy myself as an Australian version of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. River Cottage Down Under! I'd churn my own butter, grow our own vegies, pluck my own chickens...well, I did say I was dreaming!

But did you miss me?! You know I missed you! But I was brave, and lasted over a week without internet or mobile access. Impressive stuff, no? There was much to keep me busy/distracted at this years harvest though. There is never enough time in each lovely day spent in the countryside...

I have a million and one photos to share from the harvest, as you can imagine. So I will try and stagger them over a few posts, so as not to overload you all at once. And then back to my (ir)regular posts of crafting antics and adventures in the city!

But for now I present to you my shots from the East Ridge Olive Grove 2010 Harvest!

**Storm clouds roll in but we're not scared...**

**A crate full of olives! Just one of many!**

**Brumiracking with the olinet, 
i.e shaking the olives off the bigger trees and catching them in a net!**

**There is always time for a quick pat.**

**Handpicked by Vicky, her motto was "No Olive Left Behind!"**

**Cuddle time. Harvesting is tiring work!**

**My excitable brother**

**Obligatory family photo...**

**Those nails, much like those olives, 
were wrenched from their branches uncerimoniously. 
Such is life.**

And if you like what you see, you're more than welcome to join us for next years harvest! Stay tuned for more rural themed shots...


Kate said...

WoW! You took some fabulous photos. They kinda look like the early kibbutz photos from Israel. There's lots of deaming about being a Hugh type here too but I'm not giving up the internet.
So Miss Sara, what happens next?
We have a couple of hundred olive trees and this year we'd love to stone grind the olive oil. Do you know anyone with a stone press?
Welcome home. Thanks for sharing your journey. X

Sally said...

Great photos Sara - looks like you had an amazing time.

the textured leaf said...

Those olives looked like apples at first (the green ones). These are really good photos. I suppose you have lots of new material to play with for your etsy shop offerings now?
Yeh. What Kate said. What happens next?
Ill be the city version of Hughonce we build our long awaited vegie patches.
I wont be plucking any chickens though, no way. Not this little black duck.
Love that you had an amzing time with your man. Looks like you had more cuddles than work!

Anonymous said...

ooh, yes please! I'm booking a spot on the Harvest bus for next year - looks like hard fun work.

As always I love your pics Sara. xo

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